Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not that anyone cares.... or is reading...

Well, the 13 yr old birthday party was great. Granted the music was not so much, but I now have gotten past that scare of doing live dj-ing. That was probably my most worrisome part. I didn't know how I was about to do it and not sure what it would be like. Now I feel comfortable doing it, but granted, it wasn't a room of my peers. I feel like it would have been very different if it was people my age and the music that I wanted to play instead. So that will be my next hurdle, right?

Trying to also finish up my marathon premium as well. I had been planning this for months and I can't believe that it is practically here! I am nervous about this as well. The marathon kind of lets you know how you are doing as a show. If I can get a good following for the marathon, then I might be seen as a better time slot in the future. I know it is said that it doesn't matter how much you make during your marathon slot, but let's be real. I know that people look at the numbers. So I am definitely nervous about it.

As for art, still busy creating, but the more I do, the more I realize that I need real tools and real space. My neighbor downstairs thinks she may know a friend that has a garage that needs a little work. If it is the right price, I just might have to take it. I really need some space. I am tired of my husband looking around the house at the mess that I am making. I AM making a mess, granted, but hell! My room is small!

And of course, the search for a job is still happening. Starting to see some jobs jump on the boards though. I am seeing a mix of jobs and interns. So who knows. Maybe the economy is on the way back. If you can see jobs in the art world, then it is the first sign! Keeping my fingers crossed for the upcoming future.

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