Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ahhh yes.... I am alive....

Okay I am alive. I swear. Barely.... So to update, I am a) still unemployed b) still creating lots of artwork c) still at the radio station and d) freaking busy! I can't believe how busy i am. I really shouldn't be typing this since i have other work to do! But I figure I should take some time out to see what is going on in the blog world. I figured I should let people know i am alive.

Last month I sold 3 sculptures. That is freaking amazing. I was completely baffled by that. One of the ones I sold was that larger mailbox piece that I posted not long ago. I have now focused on creating my art as my business. When the hell else am I supposed to do it, right? So I created a website for myself, made business cards, going to local openings and trying to be "known" here. The last show, in December, I had great critiques of my work. It was very humbling and flattering. I even had one artist come up to me and say that I am a much better artist than her. I couldn't help but blush. I am now trying to come up with a ton of work for an upcoming show in May. It's a joint show with me and my friend who is doing paintings. This will be a good test for me and a great way to get exposure and build my portfolio. From this, we shall see how I can further pursue my art in NYC and elsewhere.

Radio show is going excellent. I have a great listener ship. I have my regulars who are just amazing and GET what i am doing! That alone makes me so happy. I decided to do one show that was all the same song, pretty much. It was the song "Stagger Lee". There are over 300 versions of the song, so I wanted to go through the years of the song, explain the history and show how the song has changed. Now this is 3 hours of the SAME song! I didn't have many comments, but i can see how many people are listening and it remained consistent. I was amazed. The comments I got were about the songs and how the number of children had changed. They were really LISTENING! So that makes me feel good to know that what I am doing is worth something. People want to listen and I am enjoying doing it. Who knows what this will do for me in the future, but I figure I will ride the wave for the time being and see where it takes me.

I am also going to DJ a 13 year old birthday party this Saturday. Now talk about being out of my element! I don't know this new music. I sound old, I know. I just find today's pop music horrible. There are some decent stuff, but all in all, what these kids are listening to is just plain BAD. I wonder partially if they understand what the songs are about, but then at the same time the songs don't really hide their meanings anymore. I know.... old, i get it. What happened to innuendo? It's sad. So now I have to collect these songs and play them. The other funny thing is that they want the pop songs along with these other songs that make me giggle. Rockband and Guitar Hero have now opened up the musical realm to kids, which is kind of funny. So I get requests such as Beyonce, Flo Rida and then Alice Cooper and Queen. HA! So I will look forward to the other odd requests and try to find the decent Rhiana and Lady Gaga songs. Wish me luck!

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i zimbra said...

thrilled to see you updating! Woot!
You are inspiring me.