Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Sculpture!

Well, I started this piece back in 2007. The majority of doing this was this past year. And especially since i have been work free. I figured it was time to stop being stagnant. Time to do some work. So i gave myself a deadline of the end of the month, and I did it, with time left! I am naming this piece "Death of an Art". The entire piece is covered in letters. I had collected letters that had been sent to me since high school. They been sitting in an accordion file in a basement. I had them separated alphabetically. So if anyone had ever written to me within that time, I had that letter. I rarely get letters now, so it's kinda amazing that i have saved these. Ever since email, letters have gone by the wayside.

As I was working on this, I was reading through the letters and trying to remember what was being talked about. Most of the time, I had no clue. And they all said what great letters I wrote. I kinda wish I had those still. I am curious as to what i thought was so important or funny at that time.

I am really happy i have finally finished this piece and happy that I am ready to move on and work on some new stuff! This won't be clogging up my room and I might even get to put this in a show next month. So even more inspiration to get the piece done! Ever since I have been unemployed, I have had tons of ideas of what i want to do. My mind is not stagnant anymore. I just don't have enough time!

I am off to Baltimore this weekend and am going for more inspiration. This weekend is the Kinetic Sculpture Race. Then the next thing I want to do is go to the American Visionary Art Museum. They have a collection of smaller kinetic sculptures where you can crank something or there is a motor and the pieces move. I need to find a book and do some research of moving sculptures. I want to do a series of kinetic pieces based on circus sideshows. I just finished a book about it and I have been fascinated with them for a long while. So we shall see. I want to make some pieces that are cheaper to produce and sell. So each box will be 12" x 12". I also want to make shadow boxes, which I got the inspiration at a museum in Istanbul which was all about shadows.

So let's see what is about to happen. I am excited!

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